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Better Bakers Box

With over 30 years of experience in custom paper board packaging, we know a well designed and well made box when we see it. Better Bakers Box line of bakery boxes are the premium line of boxes in the market. We asked bakers to show us the boxes they were using. These boxes had to be assembled, folded, corners hooked into slots, and even taped to stay together. The color of the boxes were grey or brown, some with an dirty, off-white exterior. Most of these boxes were flimsy and sagged. These poorly designed and made boxes were not a good value.

At Better Bakers Box, we knew we had something better. So we gave out a few samples. Bakers loved them and wanted more!

Knowing we had a hit, we set up our store so other bakers could buy them as well. Better Bakers Box cake boxes, pie boxes, cookie boxes, cupcake boxes and cupcake inserts are available for all to enjoy. We firmly believe that people that are passionate about their craft make better products, wether it is baked goods or bakery boxes. We share your passion!